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rejected ads using residents to buy american? >>> and coca-cola's big blunder. can changing the color of the can trick your taste? impact life expectancy in the u.s., real estate in hong kong, and the optics industry in germany? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 75% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing. and last chance at medicare open enrollment, too. what do you mean? it ends december 7th. if you haven't reviewed your medicare plan choices yet, well, it's getting late. medicare gives you free cancer screenings and wellness visits, and 50% off brand name prescription drugs when you're in the donut hole... it's all part of the health care law. december 7th? i better get goin'! [ male announcer ] medicare open enrollment ends soon. call 1-800-medicare or visit medicare.gov to learn more. hut! go! here it comes! right o
to stockkmarket losses ver the ummer.coca-cola is putting tssbest kept-secret on public disppay.. asspart of iis 125th birthday carried theettp-secret recipe into its new home - a vault inside atlanta's orldd f coca cola. the vault wiil now be on public display... but you still won't be ableeto see the actual recipe for coke. "today we are actually celebrating your love of ourr atlanta bank had secured tte &pfor business brief, i'' edggr cnn.script----- cooing up... -3 a new twist... in the sexual state coach, jerry sandusky.nn the áotherá perron that could faceecharges... in the sex - pthe liberal establishment maintains that it is not current taxation which finances the government defiiit spending but debt. thus it ii not crowdinggout privatt spending. however, governmeet debt crowds out &pprivate borrowing and investment. libbral economists argue ttat government borrowing is not crowding out private investment becauue the baans havv plenty of money to leed to the private sectorr unfortunately, in an attempt to protect depositors and the gooernment guarantee of ssch deposits, t
of that by then 10 -- that five and ten. i looked over and saw these little white kids sitting on coca-cola -- sipping on coca- cola. they were eating double-decker'' sandwiches, and my mother was looking away, and i sneaked over there. i knew she would come over there and buy me one. she came back and grabbed me by the back of my collar and pulled me -- she said, "i told you, that is for white folks." you learn at a very early age. she said, "honey, are you hungry?" i was not hungry, but i saw what those white children had. those are the little things that stick in your mind as you grow up. and another thing you learn about trying on clothes in the department store. all of that was going on in my mind at a very young age. what really set it off -- i had two teachers -- during february, we did it for the whole month because we figured we had been cheated out of our history of america. only two names were in the encyclopedia, and that was booker t. washington and george washington carver, but she lectured about the contribution of frederick douglass, w.e.b. dubois, and how jackie robinson ha
a trigger happy dog turns the gun on his owner. >>> how coca-cola is leaving a bad taste with its customers. >>> still seeing breezy conditions around the bay area but looking like winds are calming down. we'll have the weekend forecast coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, the formal transfer of camp victory happened >>> one of the last military bases in iraq is in the hands of iraq. the formal transfer of camp victory was attended by vice president joe biden yesterday. it had been the military headquarters in iraq originally a country club up saddam hussein. >>> herman cain will be back home today. cain has been saying he wants to talk with his wife gloria before deciding on the future of his presidential campaign. cain denies a 13-year affair and his wife says she knew nothing about his friendship with this woman. he denies all the charges. the allegations have hurt his poll numbers and ability to raise money for the campaign. >>> a utah hunter will probably be the butt of a lot of jokes thanks to his dog. robert went duck hunting with his son, brother-in-law an eager english labrador, piper. the
, recientemente hecho por la embotellador a coca-cola, no ha gustado a sus consumidores. take vo ---a tan solo un mes de haber presentado una nueva lata de color blanco con motivo de los dias festivos, la empresa anunci que regresara a la tradicional lata de color rojo con una franja blanca. ---algunos clientes se quejaron de que la lata de color blanco, se parece mucho a la de la coca-cola de dieta y que ademas, tiene un sabor distinto al tradicional, e inclusive hubo otras reacciones mas extremas que aseguraron que el cambio del rojo al blanco, fue un sacrilegio. --el cambio de latas se realizara la proxima semana. cu ---en washington, la familia presidencial, abri hoy la temporada navideÑa con la iluminacin del arbol en los jardines de la casa blanca. take vo ---ante un pblico, en su mayoria niÑos, el presidente obama encendi las luces del pino, como manda una tradicin que se celebra desde 1923. ---la decoracin del arbol y de la casa blanca, est dedicada a los militares y a sus familias e incluye fotos, cartas y medallas de soldados que estn fuera del pas. cu --vamos a la primera pausa y ya
, earnings more than $154,000 a year. >> susie: and finally, for the first time in 86 years, coca- cola's secret formula has been moved. the company took the formula out of the bank vault where it has resided for decades and moved it to a new specially built vault at the world coca-cola museum in downtown atlanta. coke made a big show of the move, with c.e.o. muthar kent saying, "the time has come for our secret formula to come home." tom, while the new vault will be a centerpiece at the coke museum, the formula itself remains hidden and closely guarded. that's "nightly business report" for thursday december 8. we want to remind you this is the time of year your public television station seeks your support... >> tom: ...support that makes programs like "nightly business report" possible. >> susie: thanks for joining us, and don't forget to support your public television station. i'm susie gharib. good night, everyone. you, too, tom >> tom: good night, susie. good night, everyone. i'm tom hudson. we'll see all of you again tomorrow evening. "nightly business report" is made possible by:
@noc rerst time in 86 yea movethe company took the formuls tvhleu the world coca-cola musen uvhldoeuwntown@ atlannohleu@noc2 move, with c.e.o. muthar k@noc r our secret fault will beuvhleu@e remains hi@noc rec 2 thursday december 8. we want to remuvhleupubliction @ noc >> tom: ...support that eu @progranomsc lreikc e 2"night >> snoc rec 2ort your public televisio i'm susie gharib. good night, everuvyohlne uvu, too, tom uvhleu@noc rec m hudson. we'll see @rrow enovec nirengc s u hleu th@is pronoions to your pbs stathleu@noc rec 2 sponsored by media access gvvhleu@vvhleu@no2
point about leadership and the importance of it -- you talked about how coca-cola is partnering with the global fund on technical assistance for the supply chain i travel often to africa and elsewhere and to places that are way out of the way. all of you do even more so. i am always amazed because once i and jet lag, i drink a coca- cola for breakfast and there is always one available at the hotel wherever i may be. their supply chavis' second to none. kenya will leverage how well that is working -- their supply chain is second to none. can you describe how that is working? >> you can get almost anywhere in the world. certainly all over africa. it is not just coca-cola. another remarkable project that is currently run by barbara bush in which she came up with the idea that we have lots of business expertise in the u.s. and we have lots of young business executives who are dedicated to changing the world so we've got expertise, and challenges, what do we do? the global health fellows which is the name of her organization matches up young business executives with development oppor
years, coca-cola has moved its secret formula. the secret formula was moved from a bank to a new depository. however, the 1886 formula itself will remain hidden from view. >>> yahoo, awarded a $610 million damage from lottery scammers, apparently they used yahoo's name and low doe to dupe people into thinking they won a lottery. the scheme may be tied to a group of nigerian scammers. none of the defenders have responded. nigeria is well known for scammers. >>> honest talk about a troubled past and her current fight to get her son. >>> a cure for the common hangover. a company said it has developed a magic pill that can cure you in a half an hour. >>> with the holiday season comes plenty. being part of a couple doesn't make for a married time. we'll explain. >>> tomorrow night, an abc2 news exclusive. melinda mccrede is speaking out. >> please don't touch me. please don't touch my mommy. please, leave me alone. i want to be with my mommy. >> reporter: she described the terrifying scene last friday when u.s. marshal stormed her boyfriend's house and took her 5-year-old son from her
to be confusion among coca cola drinkers. i see why they are confused. you will see, too. >> plus it is the season when many of us give to charities. before you choose which organization to donate to, see our consumer alert first. >> you can hear all of your holiday favorites at a free concert by the u.s. army jazz ambassadors. i'm kim dacey. more on that next. >> in consumer alert, honda is expanding a recall made last year from 2001 to 2003 honda vehicles. the company says the airbags may deploy with too much pressure during a collision, juror even killing the driver. honda is reissuing the call after discovering some of those recalled airbags into repair shops. the automaker says it will send to drivers under recall later this month. >> chevrolet is offering to buy back the vote. general rotes says the company will buy the electric car back from any customer who is afraid it will catch fire. they also insist the vehicle is safe. battery fires have been reported days after crash tests. g.m. executives say they didn't store the cars properly. there have not been any fires after l crisis. >> it is
like. >>> this is a live picture from atlanta home of the coca- cola and the coca-cola museum. for 86 years coke's secret formula has been locked away in a bank, but no more. the vault holding that formula is now on display inside the world of coca-cola museum. however, that 1886 formula itself is going to remain hidden from view, one of the best-kept secrets in all of u.s. business. >>> well, a possible merger of two maryland college campuses, that story straight ahead. >>> sharree. reporter: i'm sherree johnson, a look at an up-or-down vote with the state's university system coming up. reporter: and want something good to watch with your family? i'm linda so, we'll tell you about the local connection tonight on abc's "extreme makeover home edition." >>> 6:42. we're taking a look at annapolis this morning, one reason because we've got that big army/navy game. go navy. we got a look at sunshine and clouds off to the south and they have skewed that sunrise. but temperatures by the water low 40s, 30s just inland and 20s on the west side of the beltway. angela. reporter: on the bel
was the first to use santa claus in an advertisement? pepsi, coca-cola, ford or chevy? >> coca-cola. >> wow! coca-cola was the first, huh, santa? >> absolutely. santa loves all kinds of drinks. especially milk with my cookies, right? >> right on! can we squeeze one more? one more, kath. >> good, good. true or false. the first time new yorkers put up a christmas tree in rockefeller center was 1931. >> i think it was before then. but possibly it was then. >> i'm in a christmas spirit. >> i love it! she won. '31 was the very first tree out here, huh? >> that's right. you know what i tell boys and girls? you don't find the meaning of christmas under the tree. you find the true meaning of christmas in your heart, hoda. >> thanks, santa. you are the best. thanks, hannah, for sitting with me. if you're in the area and would like to visit with santa before he goes back to the north pole, you know where he'll be. macy's until 9:00 tonight. >>> up next, kathie's going to sit down with the little ones and read a terrific christmas book, right after this. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] everyone deserve
two want for christmas is to be able to jump in a coca-cola machine. >> you've read my mind. >> jump in it, like swimming in coke? >> yeah. >> and just drinking it all the while? >> because i knew that. look what i found. this is in a spanish place and this is a special coca-cola machine. there's a sign that says open the magic of christmas. but then what happens when you push the button? >> what? >> ta da. >> i got cold chills, is that weird? >> people going into a christmas extravaganza. >> they found santa? >> santa and snow and guests and coke. >> how cool would this be if you were a little kid? it's pretty cool for anybody. especially for a little kid. >> what are those little creatures? bottle openers? >> they're coca-cola elves. >> i would be a little nervous. >> it could be a trap. >> who's going to trap new a coke machine? >> people do weird things. i read about it on craigslist. >> there should be a coke wonderland in every city. >> i'm going to be going up to all the vending machines and hitting the button. why is it just giving me soda? >>> before 2012 gets here i'm convi
. >> by the questions we get every season is the question about what is it true that coca-cola invented santa claus? >> no, it is not true. only because they think what we can get credit for this sort of creating the modern image essentially. we are trying to create an advertising campaign that did coca-cola associated with the holocaust. here's a guy who's going to go all of the world. he's got to be thirsty in the course of that evening. so let him have a coca-cola. >> how do you do this in addition to everything else that goes on every day? >> guest: this is like my hobby. but i think it is a great counterbalance to what i do. because what i do during the day is so fleeting and that whatever we are talking about that day is good for that day only, may be good for that moment only. what i do in the documentary side rears again and again. it is my chance to go very in depth with the topics for company and spend time with that topic or company over the span of months, whereas the topics every day on my shows can be just for those shows only. so i like to think of it as sort of -- it keeps me honest
customers who have any of the mod kel -- models should be note vied by mail. >>> coca-cola created a limited can. the problem is it looks a lot like diet coke and the consumers are getting it mixed up. they are pulling the white cans off the shelves. >>> ready to see those polar bear commercials. hey, all month long we're looking at weather that will be very much in a state of change. we think december could pack some unusual twists and turns. humidity 26%. it's dry air, chap stick kind of weather. sunny skies were the story. a look at some of the abc2 weather bug areas. mt. airy, just a few high thin wisps of cloud cover. same thing in gaithersburg where we have a fantastic sunset. maryland's most powerful radar clear. that's going to continue to be the case through the weekend. things will begin to change. there is one change in the forecast. that comes tomorrow. we got well into the mid to upper 50s and 60 in spots. tonight we will seat temperatures drop -- see the temperatures drop. we'll shaveçó a good seven, eigt degreesxdÑi from the numbers. a few spots will top out at 48, 49. sof
. and later this half-hour, when coca-cola changes its best name product, die hard customers express some anger. coke changed the color of the cans from red to white. some say the soda doesn't taste the same in the new white cans. the issue looks so much like the diet coke cans, it confused customers. there is coca-cola outrage across the nation this morning and the company promising some changes. >>> first the new warning from al qaeda, the terror group's leader claims the kidnapped american warren weinstein is al qaeda's hostage. >> saying weinstein will not be released until their demands are met. abc's nick schifrin joins us from islamabad. good morning, nick. >> reporter: good morning, rob, sunny. warren weinstein is the first private american u.s. citizen to be living in pakistan to be kidnapped since daniel pearl was executed in 2002, a real shock to people here. weinstein is a respect ed development expert and 70 years old. his work was uncontroversial. he is focused on economic development working with people like furniture makers and stone cutters which makes al qaeda's demands
holiday coke cans. >> it looks like it's not going to fly. apparently coca-cola is switching back to its traditional red a month after rolling out that white can for the holidays. consumers complain it looks similar to the diet coke cans. others argue that messing with the red just kind of boardered on sacrilege. this p.r. snafu is not nearly as bad as the new coke debacle from the 1980s. let's have a look at this commercial. wonder if you remember seeing this. >> introducing the new taste of coca-cola. the best coca-cola ever. that's all i'm going to say. no more words. >> what a miss that was. coke did eventually do away with the new coke, which changed the recipe only to relaunch classic coke just a few weeks later amid a big consumer revolt. >> two things to say, if bill cosby can't sell it, nobody can. and how long before those white coke cans end up on ebay? >> i'll buy them, why not? . i'm sure it just tastes the same. >> mandy drury, have a good weekend. >> you, too. >>> at theaters near you, the weekend after thanksgiving is traditionally pretty slow. no new movies opening in wi
, but that driver has since been released. >>> for 86 years coca-cola's secret formula has been locked away, but not anymore. the vault holding their formula is now on display inside the world of the coca-cola museum in atlanta. the exhibit is now open and designed to allow visitors to get a close look at the legendary secret, the formula for coke is 125 years old. >>> and the white house is still ready to deck the halls. volunteers from 36 states and d.c. have been very busy getting every detail just right. shine give and share is the holiday theme for this year at the white house. the official tour features 37 christmas trees, a gingerbread model of the white house and five representations of the first dog, bo. justin. >>> 4:51. we'll talk about the entire nation right now, as we start off with this arctic plunge. at least they're above zero, but 16 now with the recovery in denver. 16 pierre and we've got near zero or below zero across the dakotas and the central canadaian border. so the cold air dominating. we pushed it all the way down, new orleans at 36 degrees this morning. to give y
to protect. honda says they will mail letters to affected customers sometime this month. confusion among coca-cola drinkers -- coca-cola is putting an end to their white cans. this was part of a charity campaign but to many consumers were mistaken them for diet coke. there will start shipping new seasonal cans by next week. more women are targeting guns on their wish list. jane king has the bloomberg business report. >> good morning. not yet done with your holiday shopping? toys "r" us is offering a second helping an offering super sale tomorrow kicking off at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. gun sales shooting higher on black friday. background check request surged to a record high last friday. more women being drawn to shooting and hunting. a defense bill was approved and includes about $27 billion from the pentagon's request. the senate still has to negotiate the final version of the bill. the big november jobs report. stocks took a breather yesterday. the nasdaq was higher on strong gains from apple and google. the bloomberg maryland index was lower on losses for joseph a. banks. the average rate for a loa
' digging deeper. >>> plus, where coca-cola is giving up on light cans. >>> and big changes on the other bucksport this is the captain from the fairfax county holiday -- >> this is the captain from the fairfax county fire department. remember safety with your christmas tree. good morning, washington. >>> a lot of people are planning to put up their christmas trees and holiday decorations this weekend. this morning, we are off to a cold start. >> it is a good weekend to pick out that retreat. we already have our first broken ornament of the season. theodore is responsible for that one. he was so sad such a sweet boy. 30's in the district. cooler elsewhere widespread 20's. in frederick, 21 degrees just northwest of the metro area. low to mid 50's later this afternoon. clear skies overhead. mostly sunny skies but a few clouds associated with a cold front associated to our northwest. the front is going to drop through town, but move through with little or no fanfare. lower 50's in the outlying areas. mid 50's downtown today. into the weekend, still very pleasant. saturday and sunday, a bit c
.c. protesters have gone on a hunger strike >>> the best kept secret in coca- cola is on the move and why the european debt crisis is no closer to a solution. >>> good morning mixed success that the european summit -- after a late night talks most but not all of the european union members are agreeing to surrender some of their independence. the european chief banker says it is a good start. >>> other major retailers are getting pressure because wal- mart site's the return of the layaway plan for this year's success. we are not driving as much. government figures find a miles we drove has declined every month since march. >>> the reason is less employment and less money to spend and higher gas prices >>> the secret formula of coca-cola is now being kept in a new location the museum in atlanta. >> thank you. 6:18 is your time but it is freezing at the national harbors. pierre is a live look at the gaylord national ice display. these are characters from merry madagascar. the penguins are there the lion the hippo, the giraffe of the zebra as well. >> and they have to keep it as a chilly and
schav advantaging on the roadway -- calf aging -- schav aging on roadway. >>> the recipe for coca cola has been moved to the world of coca cola museum in at lant a.m.visitors will only be able to see the outside of the 5 foot tall safe. the 125-year-old formula was tucked away in a bank vault since 1925. >> wow. what people would do to get their hands on that. >> i like that museum. that's fun. >> a big secret. all right. i don't drink much in the way of soda anymore, but i used to. diet anyway. water that's what i drink a lot of. right now enough of that diet discourse. 32 out there. it's freezing out there. southwest wind at 5. the barometer at 30.36 and on the way back up after a chilly day. 27 oakland, 28 in observean city. -- ocean city. 319 warm spot in d.c.30 in cumberland and as you saw earlier we had snow in western maryland and we saw a few wet flames which melt and the precip got out before the chilly air could get in here. right now, 32 westminster. freezing up in bel air and a 32 up in columbia. 38 by the water. 47, 30 the average and therecord 74 and 10 degrees back in 18
news. we're going to tell you about that. >>> why those new white coca-cola cans are getting a, shall we say, frosty reception from consumers. we'll tell you why. >>> you're watching "american morning." nyquil:what? tissue box (whispering): he said nasal congestion... nyquil: i heard him. anncr vo: tylenol cold multi-symptom nighttime relieves nasal congestion... nyquil cold & flu doesn't. >>> welcome back. "minding your business" this morning, that big november jobs report comes out this morning in about two hours from now. economists expect about 110,000 jobs were added to the american economy last month. they think the unemployment rate stayed steady at 9%. of course, too high. right? and on wall street, u.s. stock futures are right now trading higher after a minor, a very minor, pullback yesterday. the dow, the broader s&p 500 closed down slightly. the nasdaq up. futures looking higher this morning. a potential relief for homeowners facing foreclosure. mortgage giants fannie mae and freddie mac are putting foreclosures on hold during the holidays. they did this last year, too. we
it overcharged on state and local government investments. and finally, coca-cola moved its secret formula for the first time since 1925, from a bank vault to a new exhibit at the company's downtown atlanta museum. but the 1886 formula itself remains hidden from view. so, you're out of luck there. >>> coming up, albert says so long to st. louis. the nba says no way. and a very embarrassing moment at baseball's winter meetings. plus, big ben takes a licking but comes back to lead the steelers to a victory. your early morning sports headlines are straight ahead. >>> and the weekend forecast is looking great. chillier than we'd like but overall no travel trouble. your forecast is coming up. you're watching "early today." >>> good morning. if you're just waking up, this is "early today." in sports, quite simply the los angeles angels spent more money in a day than any team has in the history of baseball. here's nbc's fred roggin with an early look at all your sports headlines. >> good morning. albert pujols made a decision and he's heading west. agreed to a ten year, $254 million deal with the
. why coca cola is now scrambling to look for a fix. didn't they learn anything from new coke young tim? we will explain this when "good morning maryland" returns. look what denny's left for my dad, santa! christmas cookie pancakes. milk & cookies shake. i think santa needs a helper. come try arthur christmas's favorites. only at denny's. and see arthur christmas only in theaters. >>> now "good morning maryland. >>> general motors says it is going to buy back any chevy volt from cult merse concerned about the car safety. national wife highway traffic safety administration opened an investigation after finding two volt batteries caught fire one to throw weeks after crashes. gm says it will not sell the 10,000 cars this year the company had previously projected until thursday the company stood by the goal but as of november 6100 volts were sold. >>> coke fans are going to be getting the red cans back. a month ago they began using special white cans for the holidays but the customers said it looks too much like the diet coke can. a few even complained the soda tasted different in the white
. this is the arctic join coca-cola and world wildlife fund to help protect it. so the polar bear always has a place to call home. to donate, and help create a safe refuge for the polar bear, look for limited edition coke cans and caps. >> osgood: now a page from our sunday morning almanac. december 25, 1941, 70 years ago today. day one for a christmas classic. listen closely. time has taken its toll. ♪ i'm dreaming of a white christmas ♪ >> osgood: what you're hearing is bing cross by's radio show. he's singing a new song from the pen of irving berlin, a song called "white christmas." ♪ just like the ones i used to know ♪ >> osgood: koss by sang it on camera the very next year for the movie "holiday inn." the comforts of home and hearth, white christmas was a world war ii hit among soldiers and folks on the home front as well. cosby sang it again in the 1964 movie called what else but white christmas. ♪ and children listen >> osgood: the song has gone on to sell an estimated 50 million copies worldwide. combined sales of all the many different versions of the song reputedly top 100 millio
to tell her the truth. she was a veteran actress turned therapist. she was 76 years old. >>> coca-cola learned a lesson. they like it the way they like it. that means taste and the container it comes in. coke is canceling the white holiday cans because they were too confusing and unpopular with customers who thought they might contain diet coke and they swore regular coke tasted different in the white cans. the polar bear cans are to benefit wildlife. you just can't mess around with coke. >> up next here tonight, something special for those looking for the perfect gift. >>> more than 15,000 people have purchased tickets in the past few days just to see what's for sale at auction here in midtown manhattan. christie's auction house is about to sell elizabeth taylor's jewelry collection. it's dazzling. it's way over the top. and it's a long story told in rocks and bobbles and glimmer. it is the story of one of the world's biggest stars and the men who loved her. nbc's anne thompson has received an advanced look. >> reporter: she once said it's not the having, it's the getting. and no one
, look for limited edition coke cans and caps, and join coca-cola and world wildlife fund in helping to create a safe refuge for the polar bear. from sharp. now, the big game is even bigger on the largest led tv in america. spectacularge [ male announcer ] the leader in the largest led tvs. aquos from sharp. in the largest led tvs. christmas morning with craftsman tools. another holiday, done right. give a craftsman tool. and give with confidence. guys' favorites guaranteed. craftsman. [♪music plays] never took life too seriously. 'til our son was born... that day, he bought life insurance. now, there's no way i could send our boy to college without it. if there was one thing i could say to hank, it'd be "thank you." you're welcome. hey, hank. [ male announcer ] life insurance you can use while you're still living. you are one lucky lady. mm-hmm. [ male announcer ] learn more from your state farm agent today. the state of the game summary. >> clark: neither team shooting but the free throws game. memphis improved from the first hal. we have a tight one going down the stretch. >> ve
is going on. i want to single out one company which is coca-cola. i was going to bring to the floor the new can of coca-cola as an exhibit to demonstrate that this major international corporation, this huge american success story based in atlanta, has taken probably the most iconic product in america -- the coke can -- and has redesigned it to reflect what the climate change is doing in the arctic and to polar bears. unfortunately, my coke can was confiscated by the cloakroom staff because i'm not allowed to bring exhibits on the floor unless they're this. i should have snuck it out here. but that's why i don't have it. but coca-cola is a serious american business, and here's what they say: "the consensus on climate science is increasingly unequivocal. global climate change is happening and manmade greenhouse gas emissions are a crucial factor. the implications of climate change for our planet are profound and wide ranging with expected impacts on biodiversity, water resources, public health and agriculture." so you put against that the core business community, iconic companies like coca-co
quedan varios tipos para ti. bueno como sedesol entregó y funciona porque pagaban por 66 años la coca-cola ha permanecido en una caja fuerte en un banco pero se cambió hoy.
. coffee, coca-cola, camel cigarettes, and baby ruth. i wanted to be right there in the middle of that. there was something spectacular about dancing, about being able to make your body do something beautiful. i don't mean just yoga or something, dancing is the most primitive form of art. i was always mesmerized, particularly by gene kelly. i could tap dance, and anybody can tap dance. it is a mathematical fang. but when you can move had hypnotized people, just with your body, that is fascinating. tavis: we have about two minutes left here, it has been a wonderful conversation. you said that maybe three or four times, if i were so sick, i know what you mean by that. let me ask whether or not at all these years, you ever sought therapy. >> i have been through a lot of different kinds of therapy. i spent 30 years with one shrink and a published books for henhouse -- him. i spent 30 years with that dunce. i don't think there is anything wrong with therapy. i believe in therapy -- in group therapy. i think like if you are an alcoholic, dolan to a group with alcies. like cures like. that is
in developing economies, with its 10,000 women campaign. coca-cola's five by 20 campaign aims to post -- claims to support 5 million women entrepreneurs worldwide by 2020. just this week, walmart announced that it will use its purchasing power to support women entrepreneurs by doubling the amount of goods it will buy from women-owned businesses globally to $20 billion by 2016. [applause] in an addition, wal-mart will invest $100 million to help women develop their job skills, including women who work on their farms and factories overseas that are walmart suppliers. now, these programs are just the start of the type of permanent shift we need to see in how businesses worldwide invest in women. now, i do not underestimate the difficulty of measuring in what i call the participation age. legal changes require political will. cultural and behavioral changes require social well. all of this requires leadership by governments, civil society, and the private sector. and even when countries pursue an aggressive structural reforms to get more women into their economy and enhance their productivity, they
. there seems to be some confusion among coca-cola drinkerr... about the company's new white can. can.customers are complaining it closely resembbes a can of diit coke.the soda company unveiled the white dessgn for the holidays... but is lready pulling back.they will soon be reppaced with the seasonal red cans. if you want a holiday gift a llttle eaaly... head to the innerrharbor for dollar days! this means you can see some of the city's biggest museums and attractions forrjust neebuck.. the national aquarium.. the maryland science center.. and port discovery. 3nats nats &psomething else you'll see if you come downtown.hundreds gathered for the lighting of the washington monument.this marks the 40th year... for the holiday event....in mount vernonn now shinnng brightly in ree is - washington.president obama and his family flipped the switch last night ... to turn on the colorado blue spruce on the ellipse is alive and still prowing.it was planted in march after its predecessor tracking santa is now easier &pthan ever... thanks to norad. the ilitary organization... which tracks sant
.../ of... the... industrial.../ park.../ near... coca-cola... drive.../ in... hanover .../ last montt....//áápooiceeá... &p fired shots... when.../ the victim.../ áá19áá -year-old... jeff nichols.../ refused ...to gun.../ he... was carryinn..../// áápoliceáá... say.../ those... offiiers.../ were justified.../ in... their actions. evidence.../ - liiks.../ a... man...// to... a.../ crime.../ in... anne aruudel county. 42-year-old.../ faces charges .../ in... ccnnection... with on....redwood road... / in... seveena park....///áápoliceáá say... last year.../ &p áádooleyáá... forredd.. his way.../ ii... he home,...// áárobbingáá... the... residents.../ at... knifeeoint...////. áádooley'sáá... alrrady... behind barr...// on.../ ann.. áunrelatedá... burglary charre. a lack of nearby firr hydrants.....leaves a houseeat the mercy of a fire in harford . sent to us from the scene by pan see the houseet engulfed o in flames....it broke out just before 6-30 ast niiht on bluefield circle in jop
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